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Hopefully you avoided my mistake and weren’t a corpo gonk like me personally.

Hopefully you avoided my mistake and weren’t a corpo gonk like me personally.

I picked returning to earth, which lead to an ending so jarring We thought it had been bugged, however now We understand possibly it is perhaps not. It absolutely was just strange from the space station where she said she was eager for me to get home because I had been talking to Judy this entire time, and called her. Therefore I elect to go back home to blow my staying times along with her, and exactly what do we get? She breaks up with me within the credits and tells me she’s moving away. All this ended up being terrible and bad and we hated it.

The Johnny ending is much better, but I nevertheless don’t like it.

I’ll state all three among these endings are impressive with exactly how little overlap there is among them. Each is extremely distinct missions with just a bit that is small of. Johnny’s firearms blazing base-storming ended up being extremely enjoyable.

The thing that was perhaps not fun ended up being viewing Rogue perish, realizing i possibly could have prevented that it seems like a bad ending for both V and Johnny if I let V take over instead, and. This ending, once again, has V with only months to call home, and you may have Johnny simply take over her human body or get go on as V.

We picked V and woke up during intercourse close to Judy. But the maximum amount of are acting distant from each other as I thought maybe I’d chosen right this time, you quickly realize your relationship with Judy is now weird and you are her. This objective additionally comes to an end in area, however it’s a “blaze of glory” finale in which you, now a Night City legend, are getting on a suicide heist objective to a place casino, apparently only equipped with a pistol. You may not really run this mission.