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THE 2000 CAMPAIGN: THE RELIGION ISSUE; Interracial Dating Ban to get rid of

THE 2000 CAMPAIGN: THE RELIGION ISSUE; Interracial Dating Ban to get rid of

By Gustav Niebuhr

  • March 4, 2000

A fundamentalist Christian institution that had come under national criticism for its ban on interracial dating among its students, abandoned that long-held policy, its president, Bob Jones 3d said tonight in an unexpected move, Bob Jones University.

Mr. Jones, in a look regarding the CNN program ”Larry King Live,” said which he had asked the university’s board this to end the policy afternoon.

<р>”In reality, to date, we’ve fallen the rule,” Mr. Jones said.

In his remarks, Mr. Jones, grandson for the college’s founder, supplied only an explanation that is brief saying your choice ended up being centered on a notion that criticism throughout the policy was threatening to obscure the college’s Christian mission. ”We have a wider testimony,” he said.

Mr. Jones included: ”I thought to our administration, ‘You understand, guys, this thing is of these insignificance to us, it really is so significant into the globe in particular, the news particularly, why should we now have this here being an barrier?’ ” then he said that the ban had damaged the trustworthiness of the college’s graduates and Protestantism that is possibly conservative as. ”I do not would you like to hurt the church of Jesus Christ,” Mr. Jones said.

Your choice also came just times after Democrats in Congress had proposed an answer that will have condemned the college for the ban as well as for statements that Bob Jones leaders are making about Roman Catholicism, that have been interpreted as assaults on Catholics as a whole (an intent that the university has rejected).