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What to Do once you & Your buddy just like the Same Guy

What to Do once you & Your buddy just like the Same Guy

That cutie down the hallway would be to perish for — you’ve been crushing on him for days now! So you tell your roommate about him, and weirdly enough… she’s not since excited as you’d expect. After which she fesses up: She’s been crushing on him for weeks, too! Um… crap. How can you deal? Never fear — we’ll allow you to get through it!

Assess your relationship

Exactly exactly How near have you been to your buddy? Perhaps you have understood one another for a long time? Just how much would you value your relationship? They are all concerns to think about seriously.

“It’s quite common to see two single friends find yourself liking exactly the same guy,” says Julie Spira, online dating sites expert and electronic matchmaker. “This could cause friction among us girls and end up with even buddies whom stop talking with one another. The things I find annoying when this occurs is that there are so many guys that are wonderful here. Why fight over only one man?”

Can it be worthy of losing a relationship over? As Spira states, it could end defectively — into the true point in which you don’t even talk with one another any longer.