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Just How Trauma & Insecurity causes us to Sabotage a Relationship.

Just How Trauma & Insecurity causes us to Sabotage a Relationship.

Ah, self-sabotage—the silent, deep-seated foe of y our joy.

It’s the sh*tty things we do in addition to responses we now have that stem from underlying…yeah, you guessed it: upheaval. We’re subconsciously attempting to protect ourselves from one thing, also it leads to a frozen “deer-in-the-headlights” mindset or an extreme, polarizing effect.

The irritating thing is that individuals typically don’t actually understand just why we do (or don’t do) these specific things until we, “Sit when you look at the yuck,” as my brilliant coworker and buddy, Nicole, states inside her own article.

Often, self-sabotage is originating from a location of real and/or psychological insecurity. (Say hello to your powerful yet fallible human-ness!) We essentially put up our personal little land mines in your relationships due to our pain—romantic or perhaps.

I do believe it occurs with greater regularity with family members and intimate partners because, for a simple level, they’re likely to be all around us more, and we’re more comfortable with them—they’re within the type of fire, as we say.

We composed a bit recently that contemplated the “why” behind our coping mechanisms, and I also think this might be a delightful follow through on it.