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Simple tips to Increase Engagement Metrics in a Dating application

Simple tips to Increase Engagement Metrics in a Dating application

You will find three important KPIs with regards to engagement metrics in dating apps: session size, quantity of pages accessed within a visit that is single and retention price. Why don’t we observe how in order to make a relationship software engaging for users:

1. Use matching algorithms but keep them succinct. There are 2 various kinds of matching algorithms:

Survey-based matching algorithms where users offer information on by themselves. Such algorithms recommend matches predicated on provided interests, hobbies and life-goals, and may be very efficient if they’re user-friendly and concise. Curating recommendations according to individual choices leads to less alternatives, but centers on quality in place of volume. Psychology informs us that folks don’t like become overrun by how many options avaiable, therefore showing only some matches which were very very carefully chosen for every single individual is an idea that is good!

Facial recognition-based matching algorithms derive from the presumption that people subconsciously choose individuals with the exact same variety of faces. No app that is dating makes use of face recognition technologies (formally, at the very least), but enthusiasts have actually recently developed a bot for the Tinder software that utilizes Eigenfaces for building facial models predicated on user needs and wants after which follows these patterns to find matches immediately.