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Thanet crematorium. Coronavirus (COVID-19) information and guidance

Thanet crematorium. Coronavirus (COVID-19) information and guidance

Concept of ashes

Consistent with Lord Bonomy’s suggestions Thanet Crematorium considers cremated remains and ashes become one therefore the ditto and supports the commission’s meaning that ashes are “all that is left into the cremator at the conclusion associated with the cremation procedure, and after the removal of any metal.”

Return of ashes

Our way of the cremation of children and babies is made to increase the recovery of ashes. This consists of the usage a cremation tray made to retain ashes where practicable, together with upkeep of functional conditions that will minimise the increasing loss of any ashes throughout the procedure for cremation.

We’ll employ well practice e.g. the utilization of professional computer programmes and steel trays and our staff should be vigilant through the cremation procedure and when appropriate will adjust functional conditions when needed to be able to protect the ashes of infants and infants and increase their data data data recovery.

Our company is confident that the apparatus and procedures used for baby cremation at Thanet maximise the likelihood of recovering ashes.