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‘Outlander’s’ Diana Gabaldon clarifies Ebony Jack Randall’s sexual orientation

‘Outlander’s’ <a href=""></a> Diana Gabaldon clarifies Ebony Jack Randall’s sexual orientation

Diana Gabaldon, composer of the Outlander show, has published a clarification about Ebony Jack Randall. Evidently, the sm thness is certainly not homosexual, since was thought by many people fans.

Readers should really be warned there are moderate spoilers for the show in this essay, plus the remarks will in all probability contain major spoilers.

Numerous visitors of Gabaldon’s publications, and a number of television only viewers since well, appear to have first got it incorrect when it comes to Jack Randall’s intimate choice. Today, Gabaldon posted the next on the Faceb k web page

Well, we appear to be obtaining a complete large amount of interesting reviews on Episode 12 — which can be All G d, to make sure. I recently would you like to make _one_ thing clear, before drawing your focus on a couple of interesting people To wit, Ebony Jack Randall is _not_ a homosexual.

He’s a pervert. He’s a sadist. He derives pleasure that is sexual harming individuals, but he’s not particular concerning the sex of the victim. (Personality, yes — gender, no.)

We see reviewers presuming which he told Jenny repeatedly to show around, throughout their encounter in a flashback — in addition they assume it had been because he’s homosexual. Really (and demonstrably, i might have thought…), it is because she’s l king he finds this unnerving at him and laughing, and.

In the event that you have a l k at their behavior through the guide (and I also stress b k, though it’s almost the exact same into the show), he’s shown as attacking four people Jenny, Jamie, Claire, and another prisoner at Fort William (who we don’t read about within the show) called Alex.