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Let me make it clear about Cupid Movie Review

Let me make it clear about Cupid Movie Review

Valentine’s Day frequently elicits thoughts of love while the colors pinks and red. It really is per day to commemorate love using the mascot of an cherub that is adorable distributing it. Nonetheless, this is simply not the actual cupid, in reality the Roman god is more dark than their marketable image. This is where Writer and Director Scott Jeffrey (The Bad Nun 2018, The Final Scream 2019) will come in using this Cupid that is new to DVD and Digital on Tuesday, February 11, 2020 via Uncork’d Entertainment.

Cupid nevertheless

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Wanting to show the ‘love god’ inside the real type, Cupid stars Georgina Jane (The 12 2017, Pet Graveyard 2019) and Bao Tieu (bloodstream and Fairy Tales 2016, Jurassic World : Fallen Kingdom 2018) and ruins all illusions of getting a pleased valentine’s time. Faye (Jane) is an adolescent that is trying to navigate the horrors of senior school and a shattered house life. She actually is constantly being bullied by resident girl that is mean Elise (Sarah T. Cohen: young 2015, The Interestings 2016), along with her gang of buddies. She’s the help of her companion, Matt (Ali Barouti: Brothers without any Game 2012, Mogul Mowgli 2020), however it is maybe maybe not sufficient to meet her. Faye has additionally dropped on her behalf instructor, Duncan Jones (Michael Owusu: The Legend of Tarzan 2016, Chopsticks!! 2018).