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I want to inform exactly how do I apply my services and products?

I want to inform exactly how do I apply my services and products?

Okay, so this is arguably the essential hard area of the Curly Girl Method: using products. There are countless practices, and need that is you’ll experiment to get which is most effective together with your curls. To keep yourself from going crazy, however, try testing one method at the least five times before shifting up to a new technique. Vary up how much item you use, just how damp the hair is, etc., to actually see if a method does or does not do the job.

Consider just a couple of (!) of the most extremely application that is popular styling practices:

…Okay, therefore the panic you merely felt looking after all those options? Yeah, no. It’s okay. You’re going to explore those choices by yourself after having a months that are few every thing is less overwhelming. But also for now, let’s speak about easy and simple, most method that is universally beloved

The simplest application method: scrunching + upside down

Scrunching lets you squish products and moisture to your locks at every action associated with the procedure, encouraging clumps (aka defined curls) and hydration that is healthy. And, should you choose it upside down, you obtain the added advantage of amount on finer hair kinds.

Here’s how: After shampooing, flip your face over (bending during the waist), rake all of your hair ahead, then squish conditioner into the ends. Rinse your own hair by squishing in palmfuls of water, squish in palmfuls then of gel. Water in the hair on your head may help dilute and circulate the gel, while most of the cupping and scrunching will encourage major curl or revolution formation.